Currently, there is no app in the App Store for WikiAnswers.

money-spelled-out-with-cash.jpg?width=74Is there an app like Wikianswers for iPhone?
Yes, there is an Answers App for iphone in the apple store

How do you get the apple store on you iPhone?
You can download the official Apple store app. Searchon the App Store for "Apple Store" and downloads the first app. the App is from apple and is an easy to use version of the Apple Online Store

How old is apple-de-app?
Apple de app is 33

Is there a WikiAnswers app that can be downloaded on a smartphone?
Currently, there is no WikiAnswers app for any smartphones. Though WikiAnswers does have a mobile site, that is accessable from any smartphones.

Does WikiAnswers have an iPhone app?
Yes. There was a WikiAnswers app for iPhone that was released in October 2013. It has limited functionality, though.

What are some apple apps that begin with the letter T?
TETRIS is an Apple app. Twitter is an Apple app.

Is there a WikiAnswers ipod app?
No, there is not.

Can you redeem an itunes card in the apple app store?
No. You need an Apple App Card to purchase Apps from the App Store!

Is there a WikiAnswers mobile app?
Currently, there is no WikiAnswers mobile application. Though WikiAnswers is planning to go mobile, a WikiAnswers app does not exist right now. No, currently, there isn't a mobile WikiAnswers application, but there are plans for there to be one in the near future. No, there isn't an Application for WikiAnswers.

Is there a WikiAnswers Blackberry App?
No, there are currently no apps for WikiAnswers on any platforms.

Is there a WeeWorld app?
Yes, there is a Weeworld app in the Apple App Store.

Can you get a virus from the app store?
Apple products do not get viruses; it is impossible to get a virus from things downloaded in the Apple App Store.

How do you make an app for the Apple app store?
You cant Actually, you can. You have to become an Apple Developer which costs $99.00 per year. You then have to have the software to build an app to submit.

Can fitbit be used apple health app?
Not directly. You can use an app called Sync Solver, which is a bridge for you to move Fitbit data from the device to the Apple Health App.

Can you install an application for WikiAnswers on your iPhone?
So far, there is no mobile app for WikiAnswers. However, you can use Safari to make a screen icon (looks like an app) so that way the WikiAnswers homepage will load when you are connected to the internet.

Is there a device not made by apple that has an app store?
An 'App store" is just an online store you can buy applications. The 'Apple app store' has apps exclusively for apple products. The 'Android app store' has apps exclusively for phones that run on the Android platform. Samsung and Nokia also have simillar "App stores" exclusively for their products.

Is need for speed on the app store?
Yes on the Apple App Store

Can you get local radio on iPhone?
Only if there is an app in the Apple app store for it.

How do you answer a question in the WikiAnswers app?
Go to wiki-answers app type in your question and click on go.

Where does the app store donate too?
The Apple 'App Store' does not donate to anyone. Of proceeds from the sale of apps, 30% goes to Apple Inc., and 70% goes to the developer of the app.

Are they going to make an iPod app for WikiAnswers?
WikiAnswers is planning to make an iPhone (iPod Touch) app that will allow WikiAnswers to become mobile, as well as apps for many other phones. It is not known when just yet, but it will be out sometime soon.

How do you get a Kindle app on your iPad?
The Kindle app is available as a free download within the Apple App Store.

Where can you find reviews for iBanking?
It is difficult to distinguish what specifically you are referring to by iBanking. There is an app that has been put out by Apple called iBank and if this is what you are referring to, there are reviews for this app right in the Apple App Store.

How do you get the app store from an iPad?
You can only have the itunes app store on apple devices.

Does the Apple iPad have garage band?
Yes it does! You can get an app for it in the App store for £2.99!! :)

How do you chat on Facebook using iphone?
Facebook App from the Apple app store.

What is app an abbreviation for?
App is the abbreviation for application just like the Apple IPhone!

Is there an application on the Apple App Store to let you check your Hotmail?
There is an app for that yes!

How do you get your app into the app store?
well you need to either call apple or go to the apple store your self. and if that doese not work i dnt know

Can you buy an app for my apple iPod even though it is for the Apple iPhone?
almost every app made for iphone works on the ipod touch

Does the amazon app store have all the same apps as the apple store?
No,the apple appstore has WAY more games and apps then the amazon app store

What is the greatest free apple app out right now?
Type your answer here... Temple Run is officially the greatest free app out on apple,android and blackberry.

Can you download nook books on to apple tablet?
Yes, you can. There is a barnes and nobles app on the Apple app store. All your purchased books will be available for download there.

How does wikianswers work on a mobile device?
Web browser or app

how to hack cash for apps 2019 do control your iTunes with your iTouch?
Download the Remote app from the app store. Free by Apple.

Is there's an app for that copyright?
Apple holds two trademarks for the phrase "there's an app for that."

Is there an app store in the iPad 2?
Yes there is an app store as there is on most apple products

Do you get a refund for deleting an app on an apple device if it is paid?
No, you don't get a discount for deleting an app.

What is the largest app in the Apple app store?
I Think it is a Tom Tom Sat Nav

Where can you download talking tom cat?
Apple: The app store Android: App Store

Does the Nokia N8 have a Pinterest app?
No there isn't a Pinterest app for this phone. There is currently only an app for Android and Apple devices.

Where can the Mini Motor Racing app be downloaded?
The Mini Motor Racing app for Apple products can be found on the iTunes store. The app is compatible with most Apple products including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Does apple inc has a monopoly?
As an app yes

Is there an apple app for this website?
Yes, there is a application.

Did the apple device company create appstore?
Yes, the Apple computer company created the Apple app store.

How do you log out of the apple store?
Click on your Apple ID in the app store then click logout

How much taxes does Apple inc charge per 9.99 in-app purchase Can I get list of states that apple charge sales taxes?
Apple Inc. charges $2.99 per 9.99 in-app purchase.

Can you answer questions on WikiAnswers with an iPod Touch?
Yes, as long as you are connected to the Internet you can open the Safari app and go to the WikiAnswers website.

Are all apps on the app store legal?
Yes, Apple will need to look at updates for the app and run various tests on the app.

How do you send pictures to Listia?
If your talking about on your auction you should be able to do it by the app on your android/apple app.

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