80 lbs

Where can you find a set for the huffy green machine?
call huffy- 1800-872-2453

How do you find a replacement flag for the huffy green machine?
Plenty of places, I'll post a link.

Where would you be able to buy a pair of rear wheels for your huffy green machine?
huffy should be selling them but I'm not sure I'm looking as well i need them for twin drift trikes try ebay

Where can you find replacement wheels for the green machine big wheel?
Contact huffy bikes at 800 872 2453. The replacement wheels run $24 a pair with shipping included.

How do you find a replacement front tire for the Huffy Green weight machine names and pictures?
call them and they will ship one out to you. 1800-872-2453. I am ordering back tires at $24 for the pair including shipping.

Where do you buy green machine wheels or any other wheels that will fit a huffy slider?
Well it depends if your in NZ you can buy them at kmart in henderson. Basicly just ring up all the toys shops kmart , toy world ETC ETC hope that helped

How to use huffy in a sentence?
Sick huffy bro! I want to jump it

Who makes huffy bikes and what country?
Huffy (USA) went out of business around 1999. The Huffy brand is now slapped onto bikes imported from China.

Where can you get a huffy slider?
A huffy slider is a popular new take on the tricycle. To find a huffy slider, try typing it into your favorite search engine to locate places where you can purchase one.

What are the Huffy good vibrations bicycle model years?
What are the huffy good vibrations model years

How old is your huffy bicycles road side cruiser?
my huffy roadside cruiser is from the early sixtys

How much is a huffy model 185 electric push mower worth?
huffy eletric pushmower

When was Skuffed Up My Huffy created?
Skuffed Up My Huffy was created on 2007-09-11.

Does Huffy currently own Frabill?
No. The current owners bought Frabill from Huffy about 25 years ago.

Where can you buy a huffy slider?
Huffy Sliders are available in the USA from Damon@bmxmini.com- email him I know he has them new in box.

How do you set up an older type huffy portable basketball stand?
information on how to set up a huffy basketball stand

Where can you buy a huffy micro monkey bike?
At a garage sale, that's were I got my hear no evil huffy micro monkey bike.

Where are Huffy bikes made?
Huffy bicycles, for the longest time, were made in the U.S.A., but after 2004 they shut down their U.S. factory. In fact, the factory in Celina Ohio is now a facory for Crown forklifts. Today, Huffy bicycles are made in China.

Where can you get a huffy mountain bike?
Huffy mountain bikes are available in most big box stores. (i.e. Walmart, Kmart, Target, etc.)

Does the huffy Disney cars slider tricycle work like a regular huffy slider?
Yes. The fork looks a bit different, but that's styling only.

Use the word huffy in sentence?
Take care & as always I look forward to hearing from you. *Before people start getting huffy I worked some of my lunch!

What year was the huffy good vibrations bicycle serial 80517huffy26434 made?
The 1st number and 5th number combined together is the year. The 2nd through 4th numbers are the day of the year it was made. Huffy is the manufacturer. 26 is the wheel size. Last three numbers are the model. 80517huffy26434 translates to a 1987 Huffy Good Vibrations made on February 20th. Got info from Huffy customer service 1-800-872-2453.

What rhymes with duffy?
Fluffy, huffy, stuffy, puffy.

What is the max speed of a huffy bike?
it depends on the rider

What size rims are one the huffy sledgehammer?
Hope this helps.

Where are huffy bikes built?
China and there rubish dont buy it

What word describes a gorilla rhyming with fluffy?
:)huffy toughffy :)

How do you refurbish a Huffy bicycle?
Bicycles are as a rule very generic in their design, there isn't much that's specific for Huffy. So it's just a question of disassemble, clean, lube, reassemble and adjust as required.

What is a Huffy Savannah 3-speed bike serial B312-88 worth?
nothing, its a huffy. Whatever you spend on a new bike, half that every 3 years, and thats what its worth.

How much is a huffy monkey bike?
in New York they go for $478.00.

What rhymes with Tuffy?
Muffy, Fluffy, Stuffy, Huffy, Buffy, Duffy.

What year is huffy good vibrations HC3985010?
you have alrady mist it, it was in 1990

What size bikes are manufactured by Huffy?
Huffy manufactures a full range of bikes for both children and adults. They offer 16" to 20" models for children. For adult bicycles, there are models that start at 20" and go as high as 29".

What year was Huffy Sportsman 3 speed bicycle Serial 2692 made and how much is it worth?
We just located a girl's blue Huffy Sportsman bike with a "Glendale Police Bicycle License" dated 1965... so obviously from then or before

How much is a huffy Galaxie bike worth?
10 pounds if your American 25 bucks

How much is a huffy regatta 3 speed worth?
new ones sell at Walmart For $199.

Does bicycling cause erectile dysfunction?
It depends on the type of bike you ride, I would recamend a huffy.

Is the huffy 44 inch basketball system good for a fifteen year old?
find out youself

What does feisty mean?
* showing courage; "the champion is faced with a feisty challenger" * huffy: quick to take offense

How does a 6 speed huffy bike work?
Probably just fine. You have to be more specific in your question to get a sensible answer.

Can someone get you free lvl 70 10th prestige in MW2?
message me my gamertag is lxl huffy lxl

How do you find Canadian email address for Huffy sports equipment?
I have a email address but it appears to be incorrect could you correct it

What things on wheels start with h?
* Harley Davidson motorcyle * Honda (car) * Honda motorcycle * Huffy bicycle

Womens 3 speed huffy Savannah bike worth?
i would say about 2,ooo if in good condition.

Huffy granite mens bike is it worth it?
No way of knowing unless you you tell us what value you're talking about...

Words to use instead of mad?
angry,huffy,brainsick, crazy, demented, distracted, disturbed, sick, unbalanced, unhinged

What year was huffy 3 speed Sierra made.?
One year was 1973 not sure on how many year of models were made.

Are gary fishers a pro bmx?
Once you reach a certain skill level, it matters less what bike you're on and more about how you use it. Huffy was the official bicycle supplier for the U.S. Olympic team. They went on to win 2 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze medal in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics. Huffy. It's all in how you use what you have.

How do you open a Huffy chained combination lock?
If you do not have the combination, there is no way to open the lock. A master combination would defeat the purpose of having the lock.

What year was the west coast chopper bicycle made?
WCC Chopper bicycles were made by Huffy Bicycles in 2005, you can still find them for sale.

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